Simon M Harris

Arguably Ambitious Music

Who is Simon?

Have you never heard of Simon M Harris? Never heard his music?

Well how great, since on this page you get a super short crash course!

First of all, the songs in this playlist gives a perfect allround impression of Simons music. So to get the feeling of what music Simon creates, just hit play, and continue reading.

Simon Harris (which is his name in the passport; the M stands for Michael which is his middle name; it had to be added to not be confused with some 80s dude named Simon Harris) was born and raised i Kungsbacka, close to the Swedish city Gothenburg.

He has always created things. If not music, then websites, pictures, videos, board games, computer games and so on. Creativity drives him.
2006 Simon took up the interest of writing and recording his music, after having played guitar and piano since he was nine years old. The first recording resulted in a game music-sounding instrumental album, which for probable quality reasons is not posted on this site.

2007 he wrote his first song with lyrics, Above All, which can be found on his first album Fortress of Words. (No it SHOULD be fortress, not forrest, even though there is a forrest on the cover… sigh.)
After getting good response from people around him, it just kept on going.

Producing albums at a rate of three albums a year Harris quite fast gathered up a bit of a back catalog. You can find it all on this website.

Simon M Harris finds it very hard to label his music. Is it rock? Pop? Electronica? Alternative? Maybe a bit of everything? It is probably easier to mention his biggest inspirations:
Muse, Radiohead, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Ed Harcourt, Sigur Ros and Martin Grech. Though he could only hope to live up to those expectations.

His works has added up to at least 13 solo albums and many more songs with different friends under different names. (Find a few at the bottom of the page.) And things are still happening.

Who knows where the music will take Simon? Big places? Nowhere?

What matters to him is that people enjoy his music, and for that reason the music is available for free on this website. Any contributions is greatly appreciated since it helps getting time off to writing and recording, getting better sounding songs and maybe even having time to put up a few shows.

So please hang around and have a good time. Write something in the comments. Watch a video or two. Download an album or ten.
Simply put – it is good to have you here.